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2022 Pulido~Walker Chardonnay Mt. Veeder Estate Vineyard

The 2022 Napa Valley growing season was another dry one, although an atmospheric river that dumped more than four inches of rain in a 24-hour period in October 2021 set up the vines with a good amount of ground moisture as they woke from winter dormancy. Lack of spring rain impacted berry size, but we’re not troubled by smaller berries or lower yields of Chardonnay in the Pulido~Walker Mt. Veeder Estate Vineyard, as these factors tend to produce fruit with excellent concentration. That was precisely the case in 2022.

Much of the talk about the 2022 vintage is focused on the post–Labor Day heat event, but as has become our custom with these vineyard blocks, we picked the fruit in August, before the temperature soared. Although yield was moderate, significantly more of the barrels that were produced made the final blend than in previous years. We attribute this to careful vineyard management and continued vine maturity as well as the August harvest date.

PulidoWalker Mt Veeder Chardonnay bottles