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Rancho Santa Fe Review

February, 2013

olive-oilChas Pulido, a 16-year-old from Rancho Santa Fe, has won the Mobius Awards’ Best of Show-Student in the 2012 competition. He won for his label design, “Imagine,” created for Pulido~Walker Olive Oil produced by his family.

This label was his first design effort and grew out of his intense interest in the visual arts classes at his school, The Bishop’s School in La Jolla. His father, Mark Pulido, asked him to paint an abstract piece, and “Imagine” was the result.

When Chas’s mother asked what inspired him, he replied: “I was 12 years old. I just wanted to paint.” He considers the design, painted in one night, to have “a little bit of oriental influence,” but confesses he does not recall any grand plan when he was creating it.

During the time he was doing the artwork, the family began an olive grove on their Estate Vineyard in Napa Valley.

“When we had our first harvest and pressed oil, we used the art that Chas created as the olive oil label,” says his mother, Donna Walker. “We grew the olives. Chas filled and capped the bottles. Our family hand-labeled and packaged the olive oil. The olive oil has been a true family project.”

Madeleine Corson of Madeleine Corson Design, San Francisco, who designs the labels, packaging materials and website for Pulido~Walker Cellars, did the computerization work on Chas’s drawing and aided Chas in his entry in the competition. review-imageThe same label will be used on the second release of olive oil planned for the middle of 2013, but Chas has painted a new piece of art for the 2014 label. In the interim, he helped with the packaging and design for the inaugural release of the 2010 Pulido~Walker Cabernet Sauvignon.His talent for creating, however, now extends to ceramics and glassblowing. He learned ceramics through classes at The Bishop’s School. Chas has been glassblowing for a couple of years at a private studio.“I have made numerous pieces which include vases, bowls, platters, plates…mostly for display. I also made a wine decanter for my dad,” says Chas. Chas has a wide variety of interests. He is a certified scuba diver with more than 50 logged dives and is working on a Master Diver certification. He also enjoys spearfishing, kayaking, tennis and weight-lifting. Another one of Chas’s favorite activities is cooking for his family with many foods coming from his garden. He has also achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is working on Eagle Rank in the Boy Scouts.

Chas comes from a family of pharmacists, both grandfathers and his parents are pharmacists.

Despite the strong creative bent, Chas plans to major in business in college. He already helps with his family’s wine business finances and created his own investment portfolio 13 months ago. His latest venture is a website that consolidates information about various charities. The purpose of the site is to help individuals find charities whose mission aligns with their interest and make donating to them easy.

His selection for the top student award comes with a copy of Adobe Creative Suite, provided by Adobe.

For more information about the student winners, visit www.mobiusawards.com.


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