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Excerpt from Napa Valley Register

$500 A GLASS? Tasting big bucks wine at winter trade

auction and reds from new kids on the block
February, 2014
By L. Pierce Carson

New kids on the block
Leafing through the catalog for this year’s futures auction, I encountered brand after brand that I hadn’t heard about. So I decided to learn a little something from as many as possible by tasting the wines.

Pulido-Walker — After releasing their first wine from the 2010 crush, Mark Pulido and Donna Walker asked Thomas Rivers Brown to craft a distinctive lot from the Melanson Vineyard on Pritchard Hill. That he did in spades. It’s a super cabernet sauvignon, ripe, lush, complex, well structured. It’s a young wine, sure, but it exhibits the pedigree of both vineyard and winemaker.

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