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2021 Pulido~Walker Chardonnay Mt. Veeder Estate Vineyard

The 2021 growing season was a stellar one for Burgundian varietals in both Napa and Sonoma counties. Although it was another dry year, Chardonnay was unperturbed, making our efforts with the Pulido~Walker Estate fruit less demanding and allowing us to focus on getting more grapes on those vines.

We began laying out more fruiting canes to encourage the vines to cut down green growth and redirect their energy toward ripening. We wondered if that might be an error in a year with little rain, but it became clear that the vines needed the extra fruiting weight to keep things growing and maturing at a proper pace. We are definitely seeing better vine balance as a result, especially in the Wente Clone.

Pulido Walker Mt Veeder Chardonnay 2021