Nancy Andrus Duckhorn Wine Industry Consultant

One of the wine industry’s most experienced and prominent advocates, Nancy’s vision begins in the vineyard and imbues every aspect of launching and marketing the brand. A longtime proponent of appellation-designated wines, she was co-founder and partner at Napa Valley’s Pine Ridge Winery and Oregon’s Archery Summit. She began consulting in 2003 with clients establishing new high-end wine brands.

“I vet potential clients intensely before taking on a new brand. I need to know that we approach the endeavor with equally serious intent. Mark’s and Donna’s willingness to postpone the launch of their brand to investigate what new vineyards and winemaking could contribute in terms of quality impressed me tremendously. Although they had invested years in their first efforts, they started over because that’s what was required to make the Pulido~Walker brand extraordinary.”

nancy andrus duckhorn
Nancy Andrus Duckhorn Vines
Nancy Andrus Duckhorn walking through vineyard